that what is worth of words

s** in the city

city preparing for Christmas.

i left the office past twelve the other night. i walked from the building’s exit debating with myself whether i would just take one of the cabs in front of my way or brave the secret fear in me, head to the main street and wait for a bus, so i wouldn’t spend much for the fare. it was a holiday so i would be taking chances for some bus that would pass the avenue. normally, even if it is past twelve, the city is still busy. that’s why there was a little fear, too, that there would be fewer people, or maybe none at that hour, that would still be roaming around. even if i am used to going home late, there was still that small fear for bad elements readying for their next target. but the miser in me won and walked with my head up (i believed doing so would fool the hold-upers and the like into thinking that i was a tough one to get) to the main avenue. true enough, there was only one bus i saw as i neared the bus stop. thankfully, there was no bad stuff that happened. unfortunately, i missed the bus. the taxis where still tempting me, but i opted to wait for another bus.

and there i stood, and took a good look of the city.

it was sad.

the buildings here used to intimidate me. they were like six-footer models telling me that i didn’t have what it took to belong. everything about this place screams affluence, which i was not and did not have, and still am not and do not have. but then, i insisted and pushed myself in. it was not because i wanted to belong with or fit in to that affluent atmosphere. it was just because of that “feel” of the city. people in my humble and quiet hometown, my family included, still do not understand why i prefer living by myself in a polluted and noisy place like this. the truth is i find solace in the city. its madness drowns my fears, my tears, all my uncertainties.  the city and i, we actually belong.

that night, when i was standing there, i felt the city’s sadness. it seemed as if i saw her tearing up feeling deserted and useless after a day of being used up and dragged to the worldly causes of people who were not mindful of her presence. true, there were a few cars either passing her weary streets or parked, workers who were either eager to come home or hesitantly walking to their posts, and couples seizing what was left of that night. but these were not enough to ease the city’s loneliness. she was used to the daily rushers, the honks and screeches of tires on her roads, and the dust and smoke filling in her system. and that night, she was missing them. what was only there was her lone self and her sadness. or could it be that the city felt mine?

i saw a bit of twinkle in her eyes when i got a glimpse of some fellows putting up Christmas lights in the middle of the street. they were just starting, so i didn’t appreciate much the concept this year. maybe, the city’s having a “white Christmas” judging on the only white lights i saw. good for her. i’m having a blue one. again. it has been. it was not supposed to be this year. but with recent events, eight months of anticipating and preparing for that “happy day” has gone bye-bye in an instant. it is amazing how one can be that full of hope and love for months and then, turn into a vase of emptiness in just one day of tough realization and decision-making. yet again, as what is often said, things happen. it’s not meant to be. we are not meant to be. he’s not mine anymore.

i saw some twinkling lights from afar and i knew it was my bus already. :p


2 responses

  1. awww,may pinagdadaanan! hehehe! minsan makulit din ang tadhana. ang isang bagay,’pag para sa’yo,kahit anong iwas mo kukulitin ka para tanggapin kung ano ang para sa’yo if it’s for you,it’s for you.if it’s meant to be,it will happen…i also believe that there’s a MASTER PLAN that only seeks to move all of us to better lives,or better meanings,or more purposeful missions…
    just trust in the goodness of GOD’s heart whatever happens..

    October 29, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    • gusto ko yung “makulit din and tadhana” manay ting. haha…thanks for the pat-on-the-shoulder words. i’ll get by…better. and yeah, people like us, God loves so much. that’s maybe the reason why He’s not giving us up yet to just some undeserving fellows. hehe. God is good, God is love. thanks sa walang sawang comments dito. 🙂

      October 31, 2012 at 12:15 am

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