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filipino kids… more fun. more real. *a post from my favorite photographer here on WP*

A walk with my camera

Sunday morning went by and I missed another planned sunrise shoot.  Why is it so difficult to resist going back to sleep after turning off the alarm clock?  Hitting the snooze button a second time only made it more enticing to go back to bed.  Then it was driver duty for the rest of the morning.  Luckily the afternoon wasn’t taken, so after a short nap I headed south to a small community by the river banks of Tanauan, Leyte.


There are no Little Miss Muffets here and they have no tuffets.  They’re not afraid of spiders, no whey!


These boys spent the afternoon hunting tree spiders.  Look at those little critters!

box spider

This is not for the faint of heart, nor is this for those with iron grips.


Much of the games children play have evolved.  This is called “123”, and is played by 2 teams.  It is a little…

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