that what is worth of words

Kelly, Sara, Christina.

Watching the encore of the Grammy’s on a local channel, I’ve realized how I’ve missed music. These days, I’ve engaged myself, my pastime, in lots of readings on the net, particularly here on WordPress. I’m just amazed how cool the world is from the words and sights all over this site that I’ve forgotten my other interest, that is, music. I was surprised that there are great new artists lately (Ed Sheeran’s cute and FUN. was, yeah, fun) and great new songs that I haven’t downloaded. I’m just shocked Pink didn’t win although the one that beat her was my favorite, Kelly Clarkson, so it wasn’t so bad. Missing was Justin Bieber but it’s not bad news. One Direction is not there, too, maybe because Harry knows Taylor’s gonna dish him. I haven’t been listening to the radio either or watching MTV or the local music channel- the latter because I don’t have cable anymore since it’s not so ideal to pay for one and not really watch TV often.

Music, as with other people, raises me up when I am down and celebrates with me when I am doing well. For the past five years, three rockin’ female artists have been my musical companies.

Kelly Clarkson. More than five years. One of the things I bought with the first salary I got (and it was really small, only from a part-time job) when I transferred to the city was her cassette tape because I couldn’t afford a CD yet that time. I needed some soundtrack in the low point of my life that time, and Kelly boosted my self-belief. (Breakaway. Beautiful Disaster. Because of You. Since You’ve Been Gone– well, this last one was for another part of my life.) And she continues to do so.


Sara Bareilles. From Lovesong, I already knew she’s gonna make it big. Unfortunately, she’s not been generously recognized by the Grammy’s. I created a Twitter account just to beg her to come to our country and have a concert. I know I should have begged concert promoters here; nonetheless, I tried. Kelly went here already and it was an awesome time listening to her in the flesh. Hopefully, Sara will, soon. My favorite from her music was… all of her songs actually. But if I want to cry, I just listen to Send Me The Moon… the saddest song. ever.


And third, Christina Perri. Before Twilight’s theme song, she was already great. Blue Bird. Jar of Hearts. Sad Song. Arms. Distance. Miles. and the others. Who wouldn’t be carried away by her? I also hope she comes here.


Music sails our soul. Without it, life for sure, will be less celebratory, less romantic, and boring. I didn’t know my life was that because for a while, I set it aside. And now, I’m bringing the ‘song’ back.

Yeh. Yehhhh… (singing…yeah.)


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