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Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward (Like Stripe Does)


Sometimes, you join them go up the trail unsure why you do it and what awaits you when you get there. There- somewhere unfamiliar, something that brings a sense of thrilling anxiety.

So, you go forward.

And what do you find?


Sometimes, nothing… or almost something, but then you’re not allowed to get to the beautiful part of that something. or at least, not yet.

So, you content yourself standing, viewing from afar, taking all bits of that beauty-from-afar that your limited 360 degree-view can get and hoping that that glimpse satisfies you enough. And you dare take a picture of it to savor that ‘I’m almost there’ or ‘I almost get it’ feeling. Even if it says, “No picture, please.”


Because you have to capture some reminder of your almost-glory. To remind you that even if you get somewhere, you know you still have to join the others and continue moving. forward.


I was actually reminded of the inspiring message of the book above (Stripe’s journey) when I learned this week’s photo challenge theme… the message that has always been a reminder for me to fear not, to not lose hope along the way, and to continue moving without stepping on anyone because somewhere someday, something beautiful awaits.


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