that what is worth of words

and it poured

lacking ideas for my own posts right now.
Be entertained though by this one I’m re-blogging from one of my favorites here on WP. Really cool. 🙂

A walk with my camera

We waited eagerly for the festival parade on Saturday, but it rained.  It rained all of Friday night, and it rained all Saturday morning.  It didn’t rain on the parade,though, because there was no parade.  It was cancelled and I was already out, but I wasn’t heading back home.  The rain wasn’t going to dampen my spirit.

This is one time I wished I was wearing those waterproof pants to go with my waterproof shoes – typhoon signal #2.

The streets were nearly empty, and most of the stores were closed.

A dipper, the pouring rain and a dirty car.  Things are going well for the optimist.

A cup of hot coffee latte and “muron” (a native delicacy), the perfect combination for a nice breakfast on a cold rainy morning.

One thing to remember about waterproof shoes – water that goes in through the pants and socks can’t come out…

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