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Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable (Kids Edition)

Do you remember that boy or girl in your street or class who became your first ever buddy? Or the time when you were really excited to tell your mother about a new kid you met? I don’t either. But I sure remember a few who left some special place in my mind:  that little curl-haired girl who was fine with sharing packed snacks with me even if hers was way more tasty; that boy in first grade who helped me have an easy time conquering my shyness being my assigned partner doing that first field dance; my cousins who raced some kilometers with me from our school to our house just to get rid of the thought of the distance we had to take; and that kid neighbor who always went with me to that lone farm house with the big aratiles (Jamaican/Panama cherry) tree to fill a can of those sweet, tiny, red fruit at the expense of being scolded, or hit, by a strict mother upon going home.

Some people who started as our forced or random companions eventually become our friends and, if luckier, partners in life. You’re the luckiest if you get to keep those companions over time. As for me, I’ve lost a lot. Leaving one town or school or work for another because of personal circumstances means having to leave, too, those that already became more than mere companions. The good thing is that there are new ones that always come. And I guess despite all the other harsh facts of life, the fact that the cliche “No man is an island” bears will stay as the most assuring one. We are always forced to get our self that someone or something to be our buddy (e.g. Wilson, the ball, for Tom Hanks’s character in Cast Away). Especially at present, with all the technologies and ways, I don’t think the word “alone” still have the same meaning.

Sometimes though, moving away or location is not the reason why people once very close to each other have to part ways. Sometimes, it’s just growing up. Or sometimes, some people are just meant to be companions at some short time in our life. But that doesn’t mean they have the less impact. We are even surprised in some instances that those who come and become part of our life the shortest time are the ones who affect us the most. Long-time or short-time companions though, we know these people will always make us smile when our memories bring us back to those moments when they make us feel safe, special, and most importantly, happy.

And if you miss them? There’s always that thing called Facebook. 🙂


2 responses

  1. yep agree,facebook is one great reuniter and updater..hehe! 😛

    July 3, 2013 at 4:38 am

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