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Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

The Stand of Lapu-lapu, Rizal Park Manila

(A monument of whom we consider as our nation’s first hero. In the books, we know Lapu-lapu as the brave ruler of Mactan- an island in the Visayas, Philippines- who resisted the first wave of Spanish colonization particularly led by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. On the streets, ask any one the question “Who killed Magellan?” and you’ll immediately hear his infamous name. After him, many have followed vowing to protect our gentle little nation.

Despite the controversy this 40-foot bronze statue stirred when it was erected in the park named after another national hero, it will always serve as a reminder of how we should be as Filipinos– standing tall.)



And below is not my not-so glam stand as reflected inside this lamp pole’s globe in my fun attempt for the challenge: a portrait of that globe and the encapsulated landscape of the place by the entrance gate of the Manila Zoo.


For more interpretations, check out the Weekly Challenge.

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