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wordpressing in three, two, one…

i have been wandering the net for quite some time now. created some blog accounts here and there. some were with in-spur-of the moment scribbles; some were left empty. most of them were probably deleted already due to inactivity. and i hardly remember my log-in IDs, much more the passwords. and so, why have this now? i know wordpress is one of the (if not the most) mainstreamblogsites. this is also the reason i opted for less-known blog sites before. i don’t want to go mainstream. not that i boast of a talent so unique and great. but there’s something in me that resisted ‘the popular.’ admittedly, i am traditional. for long, i resisted the net. i just used to resist everything that means change. what ironic is my life has been full of changes. it did not turn out to be as what i had planned of just staying in one place. but this site is not really to highlight my life because in the first place, there’s not much to write about it. yes, my life would fall into the boring category of the present-day definition of life compared to the royal highnesses of the facebook and twitter world. and so, again, why have this? a co-worker and i had this conversation of how the adage “everything changes” becomes more real when you have come to terms with the fact that you are already an adult. and i have come to terms with it. i have to accept that there is a big world not out there, but here. so why not embrace it? by having this site, the purpose is not to get discovered, but to discover. i’m willing to discover more now and share more what little i have in my box. i’m sure there’s at least one person out there not very different from me who might be interested. this is for that person. or if there’s really no one, then this is for myself. selfish as this may sound but this i guess is the most selfish fact of life: in this life, we aim to please only our own self. bad deeds or good deeds, they’re done to boost our self-worth. and before i go all philo here, i’m going to end now my first hurray to imprinting my cyber self with the hope that i will not be lazy with my next. cheers! (to me!)