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It Takes a Man And a Woman: A Say On the Filipino Rom-Com

It is Black Saturday, the first showing day of the third installment of the Laida-Miggy series, and this early you know that this is going to be a replay of the success of the previous two films. The lines were longer than those of the G.I. Joe movie and The Host. The cinemas in the mall where we initially planned to see the movie had tickets already sold out. Good thing another mall was just beside it, so our plan was not totally ruined, but the lines were also long. The confidence the producers have on the film was right on even if no premiere night was hold and with less time promoting it compared to the last two. And why not? The moment the two faces appeared on the screen, you could already feel the ‘excited vibe’ of the entire theater. Everybody was engaged in it. The audience took part as the movie progressed. From the arrival and unveiling of Laida Version 2.0, where the audience had a laugh trip with her “moving on” antics toward Miggy, and ‘Zoila and friends’ (Matet-Gio-Joross) adding in to the funny riot of the exes, to the forced comeback of ‘old’ Laida, where the audience (or at least, me) cried feeling her struggles of testing herself whether she truly has moved on by confronting her past. Sarah Geronimo did a better job with her role now. The part (spoiler) where she started to cry without any words said while looking at John Lloyd’s character singing to her was believable (as opposed to her previous O.A. and ‘pilit’ acts in Part 1 and 2), and even the daughter-father forgiveness scene was tear-inducing, if not for Sarah’s adlib at the end of the scene. This time, you can already feel her connection to the character and truly “gave in” to her one true love, John Lloyd’s character.

The movie was very relatable. Anyone who has undergone a break-up or experiences the daily struggles of a relationship would really feel both the characters’ emotions. Also, this time, all the support characters were given a fair share for the audience to know better. It is also fun seeing that everyone of them took part in bringing ‘the happy ending’ our protagonists rightfully deserve… except of course, Belle, the third party, but even she was not portrayed as hateable and even had her own moments. This third installment takes the audience back to the beginning of the love story we’ve so adored, explains what happened during the time we waited for their comeback to the big screen, and brings us (another spoiler) to New York. The way the story ended the way it started is effective enough for the audience to exclaim “awww.” For the reflective aspect, the lesson is centered on forgiveness and accepting one’s shortcomings before truly loving the person. It also shows the true sense of change, maturing, and growing by keeping one’s original values in life.

Of course, this kind of story is one we only wish would happen in our reality. Thus, you would want to see this because you are a fan of the series, you love the movie stars, you want to de-stress, or you want to bring your optimism back to “love,” the fairy-tale kind.

There might be not-so-positive reviews soon attacking how commercialized the film is, especially with product placements here and there and its overused plot, but if you were part of the audience today, you’d feel only positivity in the air, and that for me, was enough to say that what I paid for is truly “sulit.”

sarah jl

P.S. For the fans of the loveteam, you’re in for a treat and you’d root for them again to be together in real life. Sarah will surprise you here. 🙂 And the bloopers… just watch now before I spoil for you the rest of the movie.


Life of Pi: An Experience (not a review).

This 2013, I thought of having a writing project. It is a list of 13 of anything from my experiences that I think might be interesting or helpful or that I would just like to make a simple list of.


I would like to start the project with my Life of Pi experience.
I watched the movie last week, and it made me restore my faith. my faith in watching movies in the theater.  (I lost my interest since Harry Potter ended.) The big and hit Hollywood movies last year were mostly action hero movies and boasted amazing special effects. They were
amazing I bet, but I’ve always wanted to watch a movie that would make me think and not just make me sit there and be amazed of the effects. With Life of Pi, i got those two things: it made me amazed and it made me think. or rather, three things. it also made me feel, affecting me more days after seeing it. and yes, it also “ump up” my faith in faith itself. And these are the 13 things that made that possible.

13. i watched it in a theater new to me and locating the place was a challenge.
12. i watched it alone. no popcorn or any snacks. just water (which was ridiculously expensive).
11. i did not read the book prior to watching it even if i was itching to. (a day after, i have gone to two bookstores where copies were sold out and still have to wait for some days for new copies. resorted to torrents online, i know it’s bad but i was desperate, but no copies, too. or i was just not that skilled in finding one.)
10. my love for the indian culture.
9. my love for the sea.
8. the Titanic feel.
7. it is multicultural- filmed by a Chinese director, written by a French-Canadian author, and given an indian setting.
6. the flying fish (i prayed that no one saw me when i instinctively covered myself when the fish suddenly appeared out of nowhere. ah… 3D!) and the entire special effects. ‘wow’ is an understatement.
5. the cute little meerkats.
4. the occasional humor and the touching lines.
3. that it was actually a love story: Pi and the Bengal tiger Richard Parker.
2. the soul-wrenching lessons about faith, survival, hanging on, and letting go (i was holding my tears, but failed, for almost all scenes and dialogues).
1. and the thing that left me wondering the most after seeing it: bananas don’t float?

i read a few reviews after i saw the film. most criticized how it didn’t give what it had been boasting before its showing. some reviewers were disappointed. on the contrary, most personal blogs that i also read considered the movie great. the old lady behind my seat in the theater when the movie ended exclaimed “deep” to her companion. i smiled hearing it thinking if it was an intentional pun or metaphor, or whether it was a sigh of satisfaction or of disappointment. i was tempted to give a corny reply: “yes, it is. because it has the ocean in it.” for me though, even stripped of its effects, it is amazingly beautiful. and i would love to experience it again.