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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color


roses oozing red, fields scattering greens, sunset on a horizon of orange, sheets of clean white, balloons smiling yellow, skies and seas of blue serenity, the deep brown in my grandma’s eyes that even though do not anymore behold this beauty the same way that i do, still reflect life… these are just some of my favorite things that bear the colors i love to see and that i goal to capture more of soon.

for now, here’s my take on this week’s challenge. being part of the crowd of these colorful people enjoying a dolphin show last year in Thailand brought a different kind of joy in me. as a kid who grew up with mostly the colors of poverty, i never dreamed of traveling outside my country because i knew it would be one of those dreams that would just leave me disappointed. when this undreamt dream came true last year, the joy it brought me inspired me to never underestimate the power of dreaming and working hard for it. much more joy when i got to blend with people of different colors. it was a humbling, challenging (with the language barrier), and enriching experience. sometimes, this kind of color that race brings sets boundaries, elicits fear and hatred, and even fuels wars. opportunities like this when you get to meet and be with different “colors” lessen if not totally remove the prejudice. but i hope that even though not all people get the same chance, we would all see that not one color is more vivid than another.  white, black, brown, yellow… let us just appreciate the difference and stop the indifference. like the song goes, it’s a small world after all. and it should be a colorful world.

there should only be one color that shines through the world, and that is the color of love.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique


I am a fan of “accidental snaps.” I feel happy when I find out that I also have some in my Pictures files especially when I discover them long after the time I took those photos and I am just trying to remember the moments at the particular time I am browsing the collection. Here, I was supposed to take a photo of that bird in front of our tour van using my non-optical-zoom camera phone. I don’t know the name of the bird. Is it a crane? I’m not even sure what a crane looks like, and I’m too lazy to google it up right now.  I also didn’t know the names of the other animals in the safari/zoo we visited in Thailand and felt so dumb when the kids behind our seats (fellow tourists) started naming each with utmost enthusiasm. What I know though is that this little lady’s sudden glance toward my camera is one of the most original ones that came out of my shots. Special. The shot and the little girl.

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